Our specialties

The Dental Clinic will provide complete and comprehensive clinical and radiographic diagnostic evaluations in the assessment of oral and dental disease. Regular oral cancer screenings and the determination of the need for medically necessary oral care will also be carried out. Multi-specialty treatment modalities will be used in the management of the wide array of oral and dental disorders.




General Dentistry:

Complete x-ray and clinical diagnostic services will be available and will be a pre-treatment requisite for all patients.

Basic and advanced treatments to restore broken, damaged, failing or missing teeth will be available as will all cosmetic dental procedures including those using crowns and veneers.



Elimination of acute and chronic oral infections will be performed as needed. Dental abscesses will be managed by endodontic treatment.  

Periodontal disease will be treated by surgical and non-surgical periodontal therapy.


Preventative Dental Services:

Dental hygiene treatment to reduce the evidence of oral and dental disease will be available for all patients. Routine follow-up appointments will be scheduled to ensure continued oral health for those undergoing any form of dental treatment.


Additional Services

Management of the disorders of the temporomandibular joints, bruxism and occlusal problems will be available to those needing such treatment.

Sleep apnea therapy, oral medicine and oral pathology services will also be provided as necessary.


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