1. All patients and staff entering AMNM will be temperature checked and symptom screened. Any patients with fever or symptoms of COVID will be referred to Hamad/MOPH for COVID testing.
2.  In order to ensure hygiene of patients and staff, hand  sanitizers are available at the entrance of AMNM. All  patients and staff are required to sanitize their hands  before entering AMNM.
3.  All unassigned areas are completely shut from patient and staff access.
4.  Every day the high-risk triage area is sterilized after the OPD is completely cleaned and closed when no patients or staff are present.
5.  COVID19- awareness displays, and public service  announcements will be displayed to help patients  understand the importance of social distancing and  hygienic precautions.
6.  AMNM staff will receive ongoing education about COVID19- symptoms and how to prevent transmission.
7.  Staff and patient’s safety are our highest priority. We will follow MOPH guidance for appropriate staff PPE.
8.  The clinical workforce was optimally planned in order to limit staff to exposure.
9.  All levels will follow social distancing at AMNM: these include lobbies, elevators and on the units.